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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions.


How do I sign up?

There will be a sign-up post open from the 22nd of October to the 30th November. Follow the instructions there, and leave your details, ie user name, how to contact you, idea of what sort of thing you’re going to write, as a comment to that post.

Can I co-write with somebody?

What can I write?
Anything in the classic Torchwood setting. So anything from pre-series (except if it’s pre-series as shown in S3 and S4), series one and two, the radio plays and books set in between S2 and S3, and anything that’s set post series 2 that doesn’t use S3 or S4 information.

What about crossovers or total AU?
These are both totally okay.

Does the story have to be a standalone or can it be a sequel?
It can be a sequel, provided it doesn’t require potential readers to have to go and find the original fic so they can understand it.

Can I use a story I’ve already written/started to write?
Provided they haven’t been posted anywhere that’s totally okay.

Can I write more than one fic?
If you think/know you’ve got time to write two big bang fics go for it 

When is the rough draft due and how do I send it?
The rough draft due date it 10th January, there will be a reminder post nearer the time which will include contact details so you can email the tw-classic-bb mod the rough draft.

How rough can the rough draft be?
It doesn’t need to be beta’d, but it does need to be a mostly complete story, as this is the copy the artist producing work for your story will see. As a guideline it really needs to be at least 75% complete as there’s only a month left before posting the finished work.

Does the finished story need to be beta’d?
Yes. You can use your usual beta, request one over at somewhere like the Torchwood Writers Union, or make a request at the beta post here at tw-classic-bb.

When is the posting date for my story?
Posting will occur between 14th and 28th February 2012. After the rough drafts have been submitted in the middle of January there will be a claiming post for a day to post.

I need to drop out, what do I do?
Just let the mod know at the screened comment drop out post, here.

I’m not going to be able to get my story finished on time, what should I do?
Let the mod know as soon as you can and we’ll try to work out what the best thing to do it. If it’s just that you need a few more days you can post on the extra posting day of 29th February.

Can I change my posting day?
Yes. Let the mod know and we’ll try to sort out an alternative.

How do I post my fic?
You can either post your story to your journal, website etc and link back to it from here. Or you can post your story directly to the comm.. If you are posting to your journal please make sure you don’t friend lock the story.

Can I cross post my story?
Yes, but only after its been posted to tw-classic-bb and the big bang has finished. So after 29th of February any where you want.


How do I sign up?
There will be a sign up post that will be open from 22nd October to 10th January. Leave contact details and information what sort of fics you’re willing to do art for, and you’ll be assigned a story once the rough drafts are received.

Do I need to read the rough draft?
Yes, as you are making art for that specific story.

What kind of art can I do?
Traditional art, digital art, photo manipulation, fan mixes and cover art all okay.

I can’t finish my art/I need to drop out, what should I do?
Let the tw-classic-bb mod know as soon as possible so they can sort out an alternative artist for the writer.

How do I post my art?
Either post it on your journal and link back to it from tw-classic-bb, or post it directly to the comm.. Please wait for the story you’ve made the art for to be posted before posting the art.

Can I cross post my art?
Yes, but only after its been posted to tw-classic-bb and the big bang has finished. So after 29th of February any where you want.

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