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Useful links and things
Useful stuff

Torchwood Writers Union:

Where you can discuss fic ideas, find a brit picker or beta reader, check a canon fact or just other wise talk about Torchwood fic and the fic writing process.

Ianto’s desktop:

Has all the series one and two website information from both the BBC and BBCA sites.

Torchwood items and artefacts wiki:

A fairly comprehensive list of items that have appeared in any of the TV episodes, the radio plays, novels and audio books.

Torchwood episode transcripts:

This is exactly what it says on the tin, this site has complete transcripts for all Torchwood episodes.

Torchwood Audio transcripts:

Has transcripts of the radio play Lost Souls, and the audio books Everybody Says Hello and Hidden. The entries are f-locked, but you can see them if you join the comm.

Highlightable warnings html:


Has lots of good S1 and S2 screencaps.
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